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Rising Sun

In 2005, BIG Time began importing and retailing niche Japan Domestic Model (JDM) watches as part of our companys expansion plans. The JDM range consists of mostly exclusive Seiko mechanical watches only available in Japan. Within weeks of our initial shipment, we found ourselves receiving a rapidly growing number of JDM enthusiasts in our showroom. It was during their visits when die-hard collectors would periodically mention Orient watches as an equivalent brand to Seiko in quality and value.

As a second-generation business owner, Orient is not a new name to me. I vividly remember my fathers selection of signature multi-calendar models in his showcase during my school days. However, little was heard about the brand thereafter. It turned out that the Orient Watch Company did not have an agent in Singapore since the early 90s. This odd phenomenon prompted me to make direct contact with the manufacturer; I am glad to share that the good people at Orient responded positively. We officially re-launched Orient watches in the local market on September 2008 and the marquee has expanded steadily through our network of watch dealers since.

Japanese Engine

The Orient Watch Company was established in 1950 and is now part of the Seiko Epson Corporation. They are Japans largest producer of mechanical watches, a specialty product. Many watch dealers greeted the re-entry of the brand like the return of an old friend. We have been deeply encouraged by the response thus far and, look forward to the next level.

The best-selling models are the Diving series, followed by watches with power-reserve indicators. In addition, Orient successfully tapped a new market segment by releasing various Limited Editions at affordable prices. One such edition is the Orient x STi collection, which is the result of a collaboration with the Subaru racing team. Why use Japanese Engine as a tagline for the latest Orient x STi watch? Orient is the leading manufacturer of mechanical movements while Subaru is renowned for its technologically superior boxer engine. Both brands are unmistakably Japanese!

Making BIG Time BIGGER

The rejuvenation of the Orient brand name in our market certainly brings joy to all Japanese mechanical watch lovers and, more recently, racing fans. Best of all, the brand has driven our companys growth since 2009, just like a quality Japanese Engine! Watchmakers across the world are scaling back production in anticipation of lower demand due to the many uncertainties that have absorbed news headlines. However, BIG Time is confident that the business philosophy of the Orient Watch Company to produce quality watches at affordable prices is the key to counter these difficult times. We strive to become a key player within our price category by 2014.

Leslie Chang
December 2011

For more information, please visit http://www.orient-watch.com/