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Timeless Design

Mido believes in combining timeless aesthetics with functionality instead of chasing the latest fad. True design outlives all fashion trends. Their objective is to create timepieces made of bespoke materials, endowed with precise movements and outstanding water-resistance in order to last decades and beyond. This philosophy remains unchanged since 1918.

Mido has been positioned as an affordable luxury watch from its founding. Back in the day, Mido was the wristwatch of choice for a gentleman, for a Titoni was considered too generic, Oris catered to the entry-level market and Tag Heur was still little known. In neighboring Thailand, Mido was the de-facto watch for those working in high government office, as a Rolex or Omega was considered too ostentatious. Thus, it is no wonder that the land of smiles ranks consistently in the top 3 in terms of sales for the brand to this very day.
This Swiss marquee has enjoyed a market position in the luxury band, but without the sort of pretense that might befall similar players in its price category.

Swatch Group

The domineering era of Japanese quartz watches resulted in many Swiss brands to either fold or undergo restructuring. In Midos case, the Swatch Group acquired it during the mid 90′s. Shortly, for reasons unknown, Thong Sia Group relinquished their distributorship for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It was estimated that the inventory carried by Thong Sia at that time far exceeded 30,000 pieces. Thus, many bargain hunters had the opportunity to purchase their signature model (Ref: LC8269) at clearance prices during the late 90′s through early 2000′s.

New Beginnings

Seo Choon Watch, our preceding trademark, was appointed the official importer of Mido watches for Singapore in May 2001. Although both company and brand are no strangers to the local watch community, the re-entry into the market was initially difficult due to the comparatively high prices of the new Mido collection amidst the abundant availability of the older stock at significant discounts. Fortunately, our long term strategy, faith and perseverance prevailed; BIG Time now enjoys a steady 20% annual growth rate with the brand.

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