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Most of us have heard of Giordano before, either through their ubiquitous stores or their eye-catching media campaigns. Indeed, Giordano enjoys tremendous brand recognition across Asia. Known for its affordable casual wear, the brand made clever use of the frog logo during the 90s to leap above its closest competitors in term of sales and popularity. It has sustained its growth by keeping pace with the latest trends and through its strong customer loyalty programme.

Hence, when we were informed that the brand was at its conceptual stage to produce timepieces, we did not hesitate to sign on for the distribution rights in Singapore. We felt strongly that the ready pool of Giordano customers would provide us a leapfrog entry into the fashion watch market.


At the turn of this millennium, Giordano adopted a warmer approach to consumers by creating the World Without Stranger (WWS) tagline. While its mass-market appeal was still maintained, there was a marked shift towards higher quality apparels. The same positive changes were applied for Giordano Timewear. Our watches are powered by Japan-made precision movements, which have passed industry standard quality controls. The craftsmanship and reliability are comparable to major brands in the mid-price sector. This allows Giordano Timewear a strong value proposition, which is priced significantly lower than its appeal.


Today, there are 28 Giordano Timewear distributors globally. Thus, it is interesting to note that in 2001, BIG Time was the very first Company in the world to be appointed as an official distributor. Since then, we have sold more than 100,000 pcs of Giordano watches. This achievement possibly ranks us as the most experienced and influential agent internationally. More importantly, BIG Time has garnered many good friends over the years through the popularity of the Giordano Timewear marquee.

For more information, please visit http://www.giordanotimewear.com/